Several Employers have chosen Fusion to handle their past and current employee and income verifications. Partaking employers include public, private corporations, Government employers as well as some states and local public sector organizations.

You will receive several telephone calls and emails repeatedly from the background verifying companies, financial organizations to cross-verify your past employee details and/or current employee income details. Apart from the work involved to replace the lost employee, you and your organization still work for the past employees.

If current employee is waiting for a long time to close a loan on a car or house, that can become a serious service issue. If your past employees’ future is waiting on a response from you to a background verifier company or your past employee also becomes past for that company, you will be involved repeatedly to provide the employment verification.

As a responsible corporate citizen, you will do everything you can do help your current and past employees. However, this responsibility is assumed at the expense of you and your organization’s time and resources.

Fusion can respond to verifiers in minutes by having employees and/or companies send lenders, financial organizations, banks or any others needing verification, to Fusion any time of the night or day, all year, and including weekends. The service is available via phone, email, or fax.

No matter what Human Resource and Payroll system in place, Fusion provides plug-ins to extract the necessary data from your systems which will remove the administrative hassle of responding to verification requests.

Curious about how much time you currently spend on current and past employees for the verification?

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