Wherever you work, there are some days at "your" disposal and some days are at "your management" disposal. We are afraid that you may say 'all days' instead of 'some days' in the later statement.

Considerable time is spent, on a given day, for those tasks not related to your job description. While you are a great asset (employee) to your organization and you will never complain (assets never complain but only appreciate) about the extra tasks you perform day to day.

Let's think for a minute. You are hired "full time" for a specific skill set and job function. When a portion of your time goes towards the tasks you are not hired for, you are not helping your organization especially if you do not initiate a conversation with your supervisor. If you can get relieved from those non-core tasks, you can perform better and can contribute to organization's core competency.

Fusion helps in taking away, if not all, some of those tasks which are non-core tasks and do not contribute to your organization's core business.

Fusion is an automated system for several verifications. Several organizations including public, private, government organizations partake in fusion program. Several benefits include,

  • Return on Investment: Handling routine verification requests is tedious and time-consuming. The administrative costs add up quickly. Fusion partakers' program lifts the burden for organizations at low cost.

  • Accurate and Safe: Fusion provides only the information requested.

  • Control: Fusion gives partakers access to a secure online administrative tool that also provides valuable metrics.